Changes in tuition at Washington’s public universities

UW campus

In case you missed it, Washington state’s public universities are about to do something practically unfathomable in the age of skyrocketing college costs: They are decreasing tuition. Tuition rates for the state’s public four-year universities will decrease by 15-20%, which equates to $1,700 – 2,100 per year, depending on the university. This is welcome news for the thousands of students and families who rely on loans and/or student jobs to pay the tuition bill each year.

Below are two articles with more information on these changes and how this will be rolled out over the coming years.

Seattle Times article

Huffington Post

However, for parents who have invested in the state’s GET program over the last few years, these changes are not necessarily welcome. In response to the tuition decreases, the GET program has been suspended for two years as the state figures out exactly what to do. The state also announced it will be refunding units purchased over the past four years for interested families. Here is a statement from the committee’s most recent meeting with an overview of the refund terms and timeline.


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